My activities as an FCI show judge

After completing the Austrian Kennel Club's judges' seminar and the relevant traineeships, I have passed my judging exam for the West Highland White Terrier in 2011. My written exam is titled "How would you like your Westie?" and deals with the weighting of individual characteristics of the breed standard by breeders and dog owners.

Step by step I expanded my judging license to the other terrier breeds, and since the mid-2010s I have been authorised to judge Group 3. Selected breeds from Group 9 (Bichon Havanais/Havanese, Petit Chien Lion/Little Lion Dog, Griffon Belge, Bruxellois and Petit Brabançon, Boston Terrier) and Group 2 (Russkiy Tchiorny Terrier/Russian Black Terrier) followed by the end of the 2010s. In the meantime, I have judged most of these breeds several times.

The friendly handling of the dog and the careful assessment of phenotype and functionality are important to me. The dogs probably all feel why I am a judge: because I love dogs, respect them and want to support them with patience, friendliness and affection in this sometimes stressful situation in the show ring.

Contact information

Languages spoken: German, English, French, Italian

Please find me in the FCI's judges directory under AT136 and this hyperlink:, and in the directory of the Austrian Kennel Club, Like for all Austrian show judges, the Austrian Kennel Club would like to give his consent to my judging invitations abroad.

My contact information is to be found in these directories and, of course, in the footer of my website.

My cynological CV for download